19, march 2022

Become a Volunteer

Food Bank, Batley Carr, Dewsbury March 19th 2022

Refreshed Elements are here for ALL. We often assist and work with parts of the community in a voluntary role. 

Working with others can be rewarding in so many ways. Social and Emotional well being, career development, skills development and most of all that feeling of being part of a positive outcome for others.

12, May 2022

N.A.Stott & Sons Fabrications Donate metal off cuts

N.A.Stott & Sons, Dewsbury 12th May 2022

Refreshed Elements are always looking for ways of reducing Global emissions  and repurposing of new materials. Having met a leading Fabrication company (N.A. Stott & Sons Fabrications). They offered free access to their Metal recycling skip. These materials were new and simply off cuts due to Metal suppliers only sending materials in set sizes.

These key elements will now not have to go through a carbon heavy Recycling system (to be made back into the same product). They will become key resources for our Research and product development and shared with any of our community based projects.

Thank You.


19, May 2022

W/C Research base

Batley, May 2022

We are currently Discussing a repurposing of this building into the leading research facility for future sustainable living. Having been left for over 30 years it has now become a local Fly-tipping hotspot


July 2022

Community for ALL

Batley July 2022 

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We all cause waste. It is a bi-product of how we live our lives.

Ruining the local enviroment by flytipping or simply disposing of waste irresponsibly is this sharing?

Well, Refreshed Elements are currently removing and where possible repurposing this waste. So the inital statement could be true just needs a little helping hand.